National Enterprise Support Awards 2018
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National Enterprise Support Awards 2018

50,000 Prize Fund
The Commerce Department within the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses is organising the National Enterprise Support Awards for the eighth consecutive year. These Awards are not just a competition but are intended to foster more awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship both on a local and on a national level. The Awards aim at rewarding those entities which support entrepreneurship and the promotion of enterprise growth.
The objectives of NESA are to:
* identify and recognise successful activities and initiatives undertaken to promote enterprise
    and entrepreneurship
* showcase and share examples of best entrepreneurship policies and practices
* create a greater awareness of the role entrepreneurs play in society
* encourage and inspire potential entrepreneurs.
The competition consists of three sections.
Section A is open to Local Councils.
Section B is open to Ministries, Departments, Public Authorities and Entities and Public-
                 Private Partnerships.
Section C is open to NGOs, Trade Unions, University of Malta, Professional Associations,
                 Public and Church Schools, Public Educational Institutions and Business
One can apply under one of six categories:
 1. Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit
 2. Investing in entrepreneurial skills 
 3. Improving the business environment
 4. Supporting the internationalisation of business
 5. Supporting the development of green markets and resource efficiency
 6. Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship
A maximum of two initiatives submitted for the NESA competition will be nominated to represent Malta in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2018, to be held in Austria next November, where they would have the honour to compete in a prestigious competition which offers extensive exposure and media coverage to the nominated projects.