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The importation of certain goods is subject to authorisation, that is, an import licence issued by the Trade Services and Projects Directorate, Commerce Department, in accordance with the Importation Control Regulations – Legal Notice 242 of 2004. The goods needing a licence are listed in the Schedules to this regulation, with the First Schedule listing items which require an authorisation when transferred to Malta from the European Union, and the Second Schedule listing goods which require an import licence when imported from any country outside the European Union.

Applications for import licences are to be filed online through e-forms. For some products, external entities are consulted in the authorisation process and unless they signal their no objection, the licence is not issued. This process is coordinated by the Commerce Department.

Information about which products need an import licence - depending on whether they are imported from an EU or a third country - and which entities are involved in the approval process can be found in the table​ below.

On conclusion of the process, the licence will be provided by email.  The FAQs and Guidelines sections can be referred to for further explanations on the import application process.