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A licence is required for an individual to act as an auctioneer in terms of the Auctioneers Act Cap. 342.​ This is issued by the Trade Licences Unit, within the Commerce Department in accordance with the Trading Licences Regulations SL117.04​​.

An application​  for an auctioneer can be made electronically. Applications will be vetted against the general eligibility requirements: that the applicant is not  less than eighteen years of age, of good moral character and has not  been convicted of a criminal act relating to fraud or misappropriation of money or other articles in the last three years. In view of this applications must be accompanied with a good conduct certificate issued by the Commissioner of Police. Other documentation requirements may apply:

​•                 ​  Non-Maltese residents must supply a copy of their Passport.

            Non-EU residents have to also provide a copy of the Employment Licence issued by JOBSPLUS and a valid Residence Permit issued by Identity Malta.

           In the case of a company, a Board Resolution signed by the Company Secretary authorising the applicant to represent the company, must be provided.

There are no language restrictions for applicants.  Moreover, where a person is already licensed or otherwise legally established to carry on auctioning activities in another Member State, and wishes to carry out such activities in Malta on a non-permanent basis, he does not need to apply for a licence but is required to notify the Trade Licensing Unit. Such operators are still bound by the provisions found in regulations 3 to 15 of the Public Auctions Regulations, SL342.01.

Applications which fulfil the basic submission requirements are forwarded to the Auctioneer’s Board within five days, for evaluation in terms of the Public Auctions Regulations, SL342.01.​  ​A person who has applied for a licence to act as an auctioneer must sit for an interview before the Auctioneers Board as provided in Regulation 16(4) of the same regulation. Once the Board is satisfied that the applicant is knowledgeable on national auctioneering legislation and procedures, on national laws and regulations relating to antiques and cultural heritage and on general commercial practices, it will inform the Trade Licensing Unit of its positive assessment. The Trade Licensing Unit will issue the Auctioneering Licence within ten working days from the Board's positive notification.  ​ 

An application for an auctioneer’s licence carries a fee of €240 which includes the first annual fee. If a licence is issued it will be valid till the end of the year of issue. 

Should an applicant be refused a licence and feels aggrieved by the decision, he may file an appeal before the Administrative Review Tribunal established by article 5(1) of the Administrative Justice Act Cap. 490​

Enquiries can be directed to or by telephone 25690100 or 21226688.

Date of last update – 26.05.21