Car Boot Sales
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Car Boot Sales

The Trading Licences Regulations S.L.441.07 provides that a car boot sale for second hand items requires a licence issued by the Trade Licensing Unit regardless of whether it is held in a public or private place. Only non-profit making organizations are eligible for a licence and consequently on application, proof of non-profit making organisation status has to be provided. The scope for such a fund-raising activity must also be specified.

If the activity is carried out in a street, the organisers shall also seek the clearance of the Local Council and the Police separately.

The application to hold a car boot sale (Form G)​ is in electronic format and one is encouraged to submit it online. The date and venue of the activity need to be indicated in the form. 

On successful application and not later than 48 hours after the car boot sale is held, the Trade Licensing Unit has to be provided with the following information:

·         ID Card No of each seller or any other means of identification.

·         Each seller’s vehicle Registration Number.

·         A general description of the products sold. 

A Car Boot Sale licence is issued with the following standard conditions:

·         Seller must be allocated equal sites and each site must not be larger than the space taken by a passenger car.

·      Sites can only be allocated to passenger cars and no sale is be permitted from vans or any other commercialvehicles.

·     Street and market hawkers and their substitutes are not allowed to participate in car boot sales. Consequently, no vehicles licensed as street or market hawkers can be parked in the area where the car boot sale is being organised.

·         Persons who sell products from commercial premises are not allowed to sell the same type of products in car boot sales.

·         Sellers shall issue a receipt to buyers.

Should an application be refused and the applicant feels aggrieved by the decision of the Trade Licensing Unit or the Local Council, he may file an appeal in writing to the Licensing Appeals Board within ten (10) working days from the date of notification, in accordance with the provisions of Part VI of the Trading Licences Regulations SL441.07​ The appeal can be sent to​ or to Commerce Department, Trade services and Projects Directorate, Lascaris Bastions, Daħlet Ġnien is-Sultan, Valletta, VLT1933, Malta. Any person making an appeal to the Board shall, upon filing of such appeal, pay a fee of fifty-eight euro (€58)

The licence fee is €40 per event.


Enquiries can be directed to or by telephone on  21226688 or 25690100

 Updated 08-06-2021